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SimplOn PHP

What is SimplOn?

SimplOn is a web framework based on the concept of embedding meta-data into PHP objects to automate CRUD tasks and rendering them (ie. in HTML format).

SimplOn uses two core objects


Replaces regular object's attributes, contains informations about value's type and where to display it.


Replaces regular objects, using Datas as attributes and offers a standard interface to Data Storages (MySQL, MongoDB, ...) and Renderers (HTML, XML, JSON, ...).

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SimplOn uses a HTTP API simple to read and write. It is structured in the following way:


Where cp are construct parameters for the element Foo, while mp are parameters for the element's method Moo.

Since Datas have methods too, the way to call those methods is:


Where Doo is a Foo's Data and Moo is Doo's method.

To create or update an Element, a HTTP POST must be sent containing an array with keys corresponding to Element's Data names and their corresponding values.